Logistics Service Provider

We have gained a wide range of experiences in various projects for Logistic Service Provider for the following subjects:

  • Creation of a template for Fast Moving Consumer Goods for a Logistic Service Provider in the section warehouse and distribution logistic based on SAP LES inclusive SAP-TRM
    • Visulisation of Order-Management-Processes inclusive EDI connection with EDIFACT
    • Visualisation of Warehouse-Management-Processes inclusive a forklift steering system
    • Visualisation of a Transport-Management-Process and connection with an external tour planning system
    • Roll-Out of an template for different locations
    • Connection multiple external customer of the Logistic Service Provider with the template
  • Introduction into SAP ERP for a Logistic Service Provider of the automobile industry and visualisation of a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) process
  • Introduction of a trading house process for a Logistic Service Provider
    • Central order and purchasing center with a webshop integration and inclusive connection of five international decentralized warehouse locations
    • Corporate Wear
    • Advertising Goods
    • Protective Wear
  • Software evaluation for the use of eWM for a Logistic Service Provider