Donations 2018

Also this year we will refuse Christmas presents to our customers and instead we are delighted to donate to two organizations. Again we support the approach of supporting a local and an international organization.

Our donations in 2018 went to the following organizations:

Local: SiWa e.V. – Association Safe Water – the next station is planned and without the tireless efforts of the SiWa the welcome refreshment in the German hot summer 2018 would have often failed. Here, integration is practiced and we appreciate to support their commitment in here !

International: Dentists Without Borders – the roasted almonds crunch between our teeth and the Christmas cookies are sweetly decorated this year, but arghhh… . Thanks to the advice of an employee, we now know about the volunteer work of some committed “Dentists without Borders” and we are happy to be able to take some people the nasty toothache 2019.

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