Know How


Our Passion

Logistic processes and their images within the SAP software is the core competence of arkus GmbH. Our main focus lays on the subject Suppy Chain Excecution, especially Warehousing and Transporting. We feel comfortable in the ERP environment (LES module), as well as in the SCM components eWM and TM.

We have successfully supported our customers with our business oriented Know-How.

Aviation Maintenance

Another Passion

Aircraft Maintenance of the big passenger planes, individual interior decoration assembling of VIP-Jets, the correct spare part at the right time at the airport where it’s needed, minimization of work in process of expensive spare parts… these are just a few examples, where arkus supported the industry leader in the segment of SAP realisation.

Technical and Processual Integration

"so wird ein Schuh draus!"

The logistic processes are just a part of the full story. Just with the view on End-to-End (E2E) processes are optimization reasonable.

E2E starts and ends with the business partner, this means it doesn’t stop at company borders. Therefore is the technical integration a supply chain key factor. From the first business partner integration, the creation and determination of supporting processes up to detailed filedmapping… arkus supports those processes entirely, also for the industry specific formats like EDIFACT for Retailer.

arkus has a well-grounded Know-How of project experience of both business partner sides in the integration of external transport and logistic provider.


"wat mutt dat mutt!"

Successful project have one in common: simple, effective and pragmatic project management.
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