We are updating in several projects the tax determination accoring to the new temporarely valid rules in Germany. In case you like to participate of the experiance we gather together with our clients together in the network of arkus & friends feel invited to join the circle.

SARS CoV-2 has kept us ‘arkus Lüü’ on the go in recent weeks. Slowly we are all getting to know more groupware and video chat tools than we would like and still enjoy many projects that are still working. Together with our very often very long-standing customers, there were good ways to continue working on our common goals these days.
With all the options that the government would like to promise, it is again the quick, short decision-making process with our contacts that keeps us optimistic these days.
We are a bit proud of our premises, which since the summer of last year have given us enough space to get out of our home office. With all the discipline and the great commitment of our family members, it is still nice to be able to continue to work “in-real” together with colleagues. Of course, with a proper safety distance and a slight cleaning craze.
And no, we do not consider ourselves systemically relevant, but our actions are relevant for one or the other system. So it’s great that everyone continues to keep up so well! A long-time project colleague joined us now, a “student” continues to explore Walldorf’s new playgrounds with us, and even fresh projects were added recently.

Frohe Ostern

In the last few days we have probably all visited the Christmas market in between. We noticed again that even in the good old Hanse here there are always people who cannot spend a few euros for a portion of fries or a mulled wine these days. The street musicians like to be rewarded once I enjoy their contributions. Unfortunately, not all “Schnorrer (beggar)” were sympathetic and sometimes get a rude rejection. But there are some who do not make themselves so unpleasantly noticeable and for whom “life just doesn’t work”. In our opinion, the Diakonie has a good sense of the necessary help here and so we would like to send our material Christmas greetings to them this year, hence to the Obdachlosenhilfe.

We wish you, our dear customers and colleagues, great holidays with friends and families and look forward to a great start with you in the next decade. Sincerely your arkus.

Happy meeting with friends. With this in mind, arkus & friends met again on November 28, 2019 at the Werkheim. After a relaxed snack and chat round about the current project happenings, we were allowed to follow Thorsten Wefelmeier’s explanations on the basic theory and the experience reports from his long-term projects in this area. For us, ABAP-savvy people, the topic is a good incentive to think outside the box again. For curious people, please refer to Thorsten here.

Curiosity about AI showed some traits of people who don’t always have to think of adults. We wish creativity and much success with the passing on of the collected donations Förderverein Peter Pan, VAMED Klinik Geesthacht.

For years, we have been active in the Xing Group SAP Network Hamburg and look forward to being there with over 670 members in exchange. Now we go one step further and participate actively in the next SAP Inside Track in Hamburg at SAP. We are looking forward to an active group of participants. More interesting project reports and ‘technical delicacies’ may enrich the agenda of the day. The “Call for speakers” is now activated. 

Update:  the list of contributors drives us in a limitation of time windows per interesting topic. So we are looking forward to the sitHH 2019!


From time to time it’s great to find time just thinking about the routes for the next decate.

In August some arkus colleagues enjoyed a tour along the Elbe and Labe which is a great teambuilding chance and  for sure we are going to repeat it with an extended team next year.

After a very great eBike testdrive with ‘exklusiv Bikes’ we are happy to start in our eMobility.

We appreciate to contribute to reduce our CO2 Footprint a bit more and let us not start talking about the fun riding it… 😉

Helge und sein Bike

We enjoyed another meeting of our “arkus & friends community”. A special thank to:

  • “SAP Commerce” – Helge
  • “DSGVO und VVT” – Sheelagh
  • “Einfach erklärt” – BirgitImpressionen

Your donation for the youth football club “SV Börnsen” were quite appreciated and we are looking forward to our next meeting in this fantastic group.


Fiori Apps are common and in addition to individual apps which communicate with the backend via the OData protocol, we now have experience with the new Slipstream Engine.

Based on a somewhat complex GUI Transaction: the browser does not like our pic...

We create an efficient SAP Screen. For sure in “responsive and Fiori-like” design if you like. the browser does not like our pic... the browser does not like our pic...

So yes, SAP Screens can be provided compact for an productive usage.

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