Merry Christmas and a great start for 2020 !!!

In the last few days we have probably all visited the Christmas market in between. We noticed again that even in the good old Hanse here there are always people who cannot spend a few euros for a portion of fries or a mulled wine these days. The street musicians like to be rewarded once I enjoy their contributions. Unfortunately, not all “Schnorrer (beggar)” were sympathetic and sometimes get a rude rejection. But there are some who do not make themselves so unpleasantly noticeable and for whom “life just doesn’t work”. In our opinion, the Diakonie has a good sense of the necessary help here and so we would like to send our material Christmas greetings to them this year, hence to the Obdachlosenhilfe.

We wish you, our dear customers and colleagues, great holidays with friends and families and look forward to a great start with you in the next decade. Sincerely your arkus.

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