December 2016:

arkus participated with input for the second time this year. It was like the last times and interesting and convivial evening.


During this event, arkus published their second mobile application. The purpose of this application is to record labor time for SAP production orders. The app is intuitive and is feasible without any SAP knowledge and helps. With its design, it is orientated to the SAP Fiori design, with the result that also SAP user feel familiar with this App.


August 2016:

arkus did a successful SAP Roll-Out in Kansas City as a part of an efficient project team. This team worked productively together from creation of the Template-Blueprints until the end of the pilots Hypercare phase.

Thank you to the whole team and the user in Kansas City for a great collaboration. 

June 2016:

We visited the CeMAT, to get the latest logistic trends.

We saw many new and interesting technoglies and looking foward to use them in future projects.


February 2016:

arkus got a new meeting point in Hamburg since this year.

Our new conference room in the Spaldingstraße is obtained.

Spalding 2502


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